Release Date:2017-06-07    Source : YPH    22927 Return

On 22/03, Asher Grinbaum, the CEO of ICL, Yaniv Kabalek, the GM of ICL-China and the delegation visited YPH, accompanied by Assaf Naveh, the GM of YPH, Li Wei, the secretary of CPC YPH Committee and DGM of YPH, Han Xichao, the DGM of YPH, etc.

The delegation successively visited Specialty Plant, MGA Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Striping Workshop of the Mine, Floatation Plant, watched the drill for liquid ammonia leakage emergency, and also listened to relevant person in charge to introduce the company’s status in terms of production, process, operating standards, equipment operation, EHS, etc. Han Xichao, the DGM of thecompany has made a report centering on EHS, production and operation, KPIs, the organization and arrangement of 2017, cost reduction and efficiency increase, etc. Israeli engineers has reported the status of the promotion of 5S Site Management, ACE Program, product transition, unit optimization and technical modification, etc.

During the visit, Assaf Naveh, the GM of the company has also made a report about all the works the company has done in the last year, the difficulties the company encountered, and the works need to be done currently and in the coming future. Asher Grinbaum gave his recognition to all the works the company have done in the last year, and his thanks to everyone who has contributed into the development of the company. He was pleased to see the stable operation of the units, the clean and neat environment of the site, and the passion of the employees. He said the cooperation between ICL and YTH and the establishment of the JV are of strategic significance, and they are long-term process; even the market is not friendly now, it is still clear to see the efforts that the company has done in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase, technical modification and optimization, energy conservation and consumption reduction, quality increase and production stabilization, etc. Asher also said, during difficulties, it is more important to stabilize the operation of the company, and lay a good foundation for the future; ICL will continue to spare no effort to support the development of YPH, and he is confident about the future of the JV. (Compiled by and photographed by Yuan Kai).

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