Yunnan Phosphate  Haikou Co., Ltd.  has its own characteristics, and the social relevance is strong, and the surrounding villages and towns there are countless relations. Doing well the ecological restoration of mine and dealing with the relationship between the local, which is not only the need of sustainable and harmonious development of mine enterprises, but also the inevitable demand of fulfilling the social responsibility of the enterprises and promoting the development of local economy and society.

Haikou phosphate mine life and production area across the Xishan District Haikou sub-district Office, Jinning area two Street town, Anning City County Street Town three local government area. In the maintenance of the relationship between enterprises and locals, Haikou phosphate mine always adheres to the tenet of "supporting the construction of new countryside, developing local economy, building a harmonious mine environment", insisting on "mutual understanding, mutual support, good-neighborliness and harmony, and the development of" the principle of "industry-feeding agriculture, eco-environment construction, support of collective economy, the provision of labor and employment, sponsorship compensation, enterprise cultural exchanges, the establishment of communication and coordination mechanism" and other basic content to achieve common progress between enterprises and society.

After years of efforts, the corresponding practical results have been achieved:
1. Through commissioned transportation, loading and unloading, product processing, mining and reclamation of forests, such as planting and trees maintenance, to provide local villagers employment opportunities, promote local economy, improve the living standards of local people.

2. In the past 3 years, supporting the mine-related town (township) village committees and villages to build roads, drinking water and agricultural irrigation projects, local construction of village groups, help the villagers to improve their lives, and so on, sponsorship donation costs of more than 2 million yuan.

3. Since 2009, the implementation of the " Nurturing Fee" policy, enterprises strictly follow the "industry-feeding agriculture" policy, the end of December 2016 a total of payment of local " Nurturing Fee " about 47 million yuan.

4. Give full play to advantages of the enterprise staff Art troupe, Photographic Association, Medical and Health Association, to carry out "heart to heart between enterprise and locals, harmonious as a family " into the new rural series activities, the development of a variety of "health into the village," "Photography into the village", "Culture into the village", "Art into the village" "Love into the village" and other activities for the villagers to send real care and help.

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